A trained Ai for the next-gen travel insurance

Data-driven decisioning to increase revenues

Our proprietary powerful algorithms fuelled by AI and machine learning can be customised according to the travel operator’s needs. This enables developing sophisticated tailor-made solutions, also based on data-rich assessment of risks and cognitive predictive models, aimed at delivering (near) real-time, custom-fit quotations to the travellers, thus increasing sales and margins.

Claim processing automation: enhancing the customer experience while optimising operations

Nowadays, travellers are requesting robust digitalised processes, easy cross-channel interactions (including 24h/7 chatbots and instant messaging with operators) targeting fast and accurate response as well as payment. Travel operators aim at enhancing their claims management capabilities, leveraging on Artificial Intelligence to cope with Customer’s ambitions while seeking internal effectiveness and efficiency by re-engineering and automatising traditional core processes also to optimise the organisation and headcount’s need.

Thanks to our customisable backbone platform,  the whole claim management process can be easily managed literally «in a couple of clicks», from block-chain smart documents management, to near real-time processing, to instantaneously payment authorisation.