The leading software for jewellers and watchmakers

Aurum is the leading software for jewellers and watchmakers by Systech. In 25 years Aurum has earned a primary position in this sector, serving a portfolio of more than 2000 customers across Europe.

For any operator of the jewelry industry

Leveraging on more than 20 years experience in the jewellery and watchmaking business, we provide a unique solution to manage stones and metals, use it into production, deal with multiple stocks, associate each item with images, build real-time catalogues for the shops, for agents, or for eCommerce business, and finally record sales as well as reparations.

A comprehensive solution integrating the software component with the necessary hardware and consumables, are the Aurum’s strengths, making it the software of choice of any operator in the industry.

On a modular offer

The Aurum software suite is provided in modules designed to run specific business operations, each module can be acquired as a stand-alone to take advantage of determined features, or within more complete solutions to run the entire purchase / manufacture / sales business.

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