Sharing the ledger

Relatively an old technology, the exponential growth of computing capacity allows today a broad use of blockchain ledgers to control processes. Applications spanning from finance to logistics, from food safety to jewellery authentication.

A future-ready choice

The key advantage being the obtention of cost-efficient goods or process tracking, where the tracking is so “controlled” to generate a market-trusted certification.

The choice of a shared ledger system is becoming a must-have to satisfy the final customers increasing attention to the origin of the goods they purchase, as well as for the subscription of smart contracts directly linked to the involved process.

Certification of origin and product quality

We adopt blockchain applications where it is necessary to certify one or more steps in the supply chain, and serve b2b or b2c businesses with real-time, proven information about the origin of goods. Quality of components, fair-trade manufacturing and anti-tamper functionalities are only a few examples of relevant applications we commit on.