Platform overview

A new traveler’s insurance experience

Our backbone platform enables every travel operator to effectively and efficiently sell personalised insurances, with adapted pricing, through their digital channels. In case of accidents, the platform can acknowledge the need of a reimbursement, and send reassuring communications to the final customer in real time, eventually triggering the refund within hours (in agreement with the insurers’ policies).

The system grants transparency of the conditions and a better fit of the insurance product with the customer’s needs, increasing the revenues stream and improving by far the overall customer experience.

Designed on travel operator’s business

The business model adapts to the current dynamics running among travel operators, insurance brokers and incumbent insurance companies. The platform is proposed to the travel operators and integrated with their systems, the risk can be assumed by an insurance company of choice, subject to the product analysis.

End – to – end approach

Product design:  Parametric insurances; Dynamic Offer; Dynamic Pricing.

Sales channels integration: Automatic subscription registration; financial automation.

Refund management: Automatic acknowledgement of the accident, conformity verification of the business rules; near real time customer interaction; automation of the refunding process.